Back Braces

Back pain affects everyone no matter if you are young or older. Its one of the most common musculo-skeletal disabilities. Besides proper posture, getting adjusted, massage, exercising, another thing that can benefit either while you recuperate from the back pain or to avoid an injury are back braces.

There are different types of braces. Overall they are medical devices that are designed to support, immobilize and treat muscles, joints, and skeletal problems. Doctor do prescribe them however some basic ones can be bought in pharmacies or other stores. Back braces fall into two major categories: the hard, rigid types and the soft, elastic versions. The rigid design is used to treat more serious conditions like scoliosis, and these braces tend to restrict movement in patients by as much as 50%.  The soft or semi rigid, has elastic backing used to compress the abdominal cavity and the joints and muscles associated with that area.  The compression helps to stabilize and support muscles and allows for a forward motion of the spine. You probably have seen them on people doing more manual work, like movers or construction workers. There are more subcategories, like the braces used only for scoliosis or after a surgery etc However most of them bring about the same benefits.

Some benefits are:

  • Reduce muscle tension and low back pain
  • Spinal support
  • Improve posture to redistribute weight in the spine
  • Make transitional movements, like sitting to standing, more comfortable.
  • Provide a healthy healing environment for spinal structures
  • Assist in recovery after an injury, surgery
  • Increase function during daily activity

Consult with a doctor before using a back brace. A doctor’s evaluation will help determine whether a brace is likely to be beneficial, as well as the type of brace needed and how it should be worn and for how long.

Pic: Casper Nichols Unsplash

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