I like hiking, its peaceful, can be challenging or not depending on your mood & and trail), good workout, you get to enjoy nature, meditate… Lots of studies have demonstrated the benefits or exercising, what better way than doing it while enjoying nature! Hiking is a good way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, specially in trails that includes some hills, it will force your heart to work harder. Taking a hike on the slightly uneven surface of a trail can also provide a natural way to engage the core muscles in your torso.

It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family. I getting information on the place before starting; of course every hike is different and certain factors should always been taken into consideration. There are easy, moderate, hard, short or long hikes. Check also the weather, State/place/city/country (humidity, altitude, dryness). Believe me, it is not the same doing any hike in a sea level tropical Island in comparison with a dry high altitude in the West. Check if they are open, seasons, hours. Remember, shoes, wardrobe, distance/time, enough water, snacks…Another thing, know what type of environment (insects, predators, plants…) Back home I never had to worry about a Bear or a Rattlesnake. My major concern would be the mosquitos…pss! I wasn’t even aware of the existence of Anti-Bear spray!! Just be prepare.

Know your limits. A short, hike is best for beginners. Some of them is like walking on a sidewalk but with nature view. Gradually work up to trails with hills or uneven terrain. Use poles or other equipment that might help. If you are hiking by yourself, always let someone know. Unfortunately things can happen, and some trails might not be very busy, so no one can around can help.

Honestly it is fun! and in lots of them you can have your dogs…tired dogs are the best lol! Enjoy!

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