Animal Chiropractic

Unfortunately the use of Chiropractic treatment in animals is not known by most people, but it is said that D.D. Palmer adjusted animals since 1896.   Chiropractic for animals is considered in the Veterinary world as an alternative therapy just like massage or acupuncture. It has poor acceptance of some veterinarians due to the lack of knowledge.  We know that Chiropractic is more than a “therapy”; it is health, bringing the body back to homeostasis.  

Like us, our pets, suffer from different subluxations; Why we don’t get our companions adjusted?  They can’t tell us if something is bothering or causing pain, although there are some patterns, behaviors that we see in them that can let us know what they are feeling and need.  I will share some signs that may help identifying your pet discomfort. It is very important to always observe them and look in changes in behavior, posture, gait among others. Their bodies are their communication system to let us know what is happening to them.

Some indications of a sacropelvic or cervical problem and the possible affected sites are:

– Inability to sit square: PSIS area

– Not wanting to flex or extend rear limbs : PSIS area

– Anal gland problems: Sacrum area

– Hold tail to one side: Sacrum area 

– Tail tuck: Coccygeal area

– Head tilt; head shake; floppy ears; decrease ROM: upper cervicals area

– Drop shoulders, lameness, don’t track correctly, decrease ROM: lower cervicals area

Clarifying that this is not intended to make a diagnosis or encouraging you to adjust your dog,cat, horse etc This are only helping tools to understand your pet.  For an analysis, adjustment and care you should go to an AVCA certified animal Chiropractic doctor to treat your pet. You can find more information in the internet, where there is a list of Certified animal chiropractors that can help your pet. Also it is not intended to replace your Vet, animal chiropractors work with your pet primary provider as a team.

We should promote and educate our patients and the community of all the advantages that animals get with Chiropractic.  Not only humans benefit from it so lets share this with the whole world!

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